A lovely couple of parsnip.

We just saw this funny picture in today’s Herald Sun and thought you may enjoy it. All we know is the gardener’s name is Pearl.

Parsnips and carrots grow well in open friable soils and we are suggesting these may have been grown in a heavier, denser soil, thus causing the vegies to fork as they look for the softer soil to grow through.


They certainly make a nice coupleĀ  and I guess would get on well with a few tomatoes I have grown.

Parsnip seed is best sown in Melbourne between September and February, so I guess you could almost squeeze in one last sowing today. Dig in some blood and bone or manure. Run a line in the soil with your finger and sow rather thinly. Once germinated, thin out weaker seedlings so as to allow remaining seedlings room to grow.

Some of the best varieties are Yates, “Yatesnip” and Goodman’s Hollow Crown.


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