Growing herbs – fresh, easy and cost effective.


Have you ever gone to the fridge to grab the fresh cut herbs you bought from the supermarket, only to find they are limp and lifeless? Wouldn’t it be nice to just nip out to the back yard or your balcony and pick herbs that are home grown? Growing herbs are both easy and cost effective.

Tips for getting a herb garden started

To grow herbs you a need a position that gets about 6 hours of sunlight a day.

For a small window box or raised planter, use potting mix to ensure good drainage.

Start with the staples of parsley, sage, thyme and oregano.

Generally coriander loves the cooler weather, and basil does its best over the warmer seasons. Most other herbs will will thrive all year round.

If planting in pots, it is wise to grow rosemary and mint by themselves, as these large growing herbs will otherwise dominate other varieties.

A mixed window box, with chives, thyme, oregano parsley and basil would make a perfect combo.

Feed regularly with liquid fertiliser. It’s important to keep herbs happy, or they can run to seed.

Replace old plants regularly to keep your herb garden fresh.

Once you get a bit more adventurous, try herbs like French tarragon, chervil and lovage.

As well as having access to your own personal garden full of herbs, they are also cost effective. Buying cut herbs from the supermarket might cost you $150-$200 a year if purchased regularly. For less than this, you can set up your own herb garden at home. The greatest satisfaction of growing your own is that you are cooking with the very freshest of ingredients and ones that you have grown yourself. 

When there is surplus produce, this is when herbs really shine. Drying oregano or making basil pesto are clever ways to save more dollars from your annual food budget. There is no doubt about it, growing your own herbs makes good “cents”.

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