Ageratum – Short and bushy little plant with unusual fuzzy blue flowers.

Alyssum – Ubiquitous spreading groundcover that can grow just about anywhere sunny.

Aquilegia – Spectacular ‘grannies bonnet’ flowers that have unusual spring blooms.

Aster – Vivid colours are the flowers of this easy to grow cut flower or bedding plant.

Begonia – Sun to semi shade, these guys flower for months and months.

Calendula – Edible autumn to early spring flowers also known as the winter marigold.

Campanula – Canterbury bells can be a challenge to grow but are most rewarding.

Celosia -Feathery plumes to brighten up a sunny spot.

Chrysanthemum -Daisy like flowers that are hardy as.

Cineraria – Plant in autumn shade for spring colour.

Cosmos – Taller cottage favourite with white and pink flowers.

Cyclamen – Classic potted plant that can also be grown in the garden.

Dahlia – An old time favourite with grand double flowers.

Delphinium -Stately upright perennials with show stopping flower spikes.

Dianthus – Pink, red, coral or white flowers with frilly-edged petals.

Foxglove – Cottage garden classic with tall spikes and bell-shaped flowers.

Gazania – Drought-tolerant ground cover with bright flowers

Geranium – This hardy flowering plant will grow almost anywhere.

Gypsophila – Ever favourite ‘Baby’s Breath’ has masses of tiny flowers.

Impatiens – Can flower all year round and be cultivated in small clumps or grown into large bushes.

Lisianthus – Long stems and bright funnel-shaped flowers – excellent for cut flowers.

Lobelia – Easy to grow with white or blue flowers.  Looks great in a pot or window box.

Marigold – Bright and cheery with flowers in gold, orange and red.

Nasturtium – Excellent ground cover – hardy with bright flowers.

Nemesia – Compact plant which flowers in Winter and Spring.

Pansy – Classic favourite comes in a wide range of colours – to match any garden theme.

Petunia – Loves a sunny position.  Funnel shaped flowers in a wide range of colours.

Polyanthus – Give your garden a splash of colour.  Perfect for pots, hanging baskets and window boxes.

Poppy – Tall single flowers in a mass of frilled leaves. Ancient flower which symbolises sleep.

Portulaca – Fill your garden with Summer colour.  An edible plant with a lemony taste – often used in stir-fries.

Primula – Perfect for a spring cottage garden.  Clumping bunches of flowers with a colour range to suit any garden theme.

Primula Acaulis – Like a polyanthus but with short stems.

Salvia – Annual varieties come in blue, white and the classic fire-engine red.

Seaside Daisy – Fabulous ground cover wild flower with masses of flowers that look like tiny daisies.

Snapdragon – Tall stalks with masses of flowers in a variety of colours.  The flowers are fancied to resemble the faces of little dragons.

Stock – Spikes of fragrant pastel-coloured flowers.

Sweet Pea – Fragrant climbing flowers that epitomise the classic cottage garden.

Sweet William – Bunches of flowers with frilly petals in reds, whites, pinks, and purples.

Verbena – Very bright, flat flowers that provide a carpet of colour.

Vinca – Heat lovers that provide vivid flowers in the hotter months.

Viola – A miniature ‘pansy’ which grows well in small spaces.

Wallflower – Clumping bushes with tiny gorgeous flowers – prefers dry soils with good drainage.

Zinnia – Large green leaves with bright flowers on tall stalks.  An excellent cut flower.